Yuri’s Night 2017 at the Great Lakes Science Center

Yuri's Night 2017

Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight on 12 April 1961 marked a great achievement in human history. Yuri boarded the Vostok 1 spacecraft, and became the first person in space. NASA chose 12 April for the inaugural space shuttle launch 20 year later. The date, 12 April, became known as Yuri’s Night. During Yuri’s Night, celebrations take place on every continent. The goal of Yuri’s night is celebrating space travel, aeronautics accomplishments, and generating interest in space-related technology.

Yuri’s Night 2017 Cleveland

In Cleveland, Ohio, the Great Lakes Science Center hosts the most extravagant Yuri’s Night around. For 2017 the event will take place on the night of Saturday, 8 April. The GLSC will provide food from local eateries and an open bar, hence only patrons 21 and over can attend. Lectures and demonstrations are available, such as a comparison between real-life science and what you see on the big-screen. Other entertainment includes a space-themed costume contest, scavenger hunt, and DJ. The evening ends with a balloon drop at midnight.

Meet Greg H. Johnson

Former NASA astronaut Greg H. Johnson will be at the Great Lakes Science Center for Yuri’s Night. Johnson is well-known for piloting the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The Endeavour, originally constructed as a replacement for Challenger, was named after a ship that was used for observing astronomical events. Greg Johnson piloted the Endeavour for two missions, STS-123 and STS-134. The STS-123 mission involved delivering the Japanese Experiment Logistics Module to the International Space Station. The final mission of the Endeavour was STS-134, mission highlights were the addition of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and Orbiter Boom Sensor System to the space station. Johnson spent 15 years with NASA.

If you want to attend Yuri’s Night 2017 at the Great Lakes Science Center, there is still time. Tickets can be purchased at: https://tickets.greatscience.com/Info.aspx?EventID=31See our library of aviation conferences, holidays, and trade shows. Aviation Event Library