Finding an onsite maintenance and repair provider is a huge convenience for the aviation industry. This is because onsite maintenance and repair eliminates the need to pay for expensive shipping costs and excessive downtime without vital equipment. Oftentimes, aviation professionals find onsite maintenance and repair to be the easiest solution to many problems. Onsite maintenance and repair even makes complying with FAA regulations and regular maintenance schedules more simple.

However, when looking for an onsite maintenance and repair provider, it is essential to ensure that the provider is the best possible fit for you. Not all onsite services are the same. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider the following three factors when selecting an onsite maintenance and repair provider:


It has been said that many aviation professionals feel more confident about onsite maintenance and repair services that are performed out in the open. Unfortunately this type of transparency isn’t always guaranteed when scheduling onsite services. Some onsite service providers may perform work out of view to hide mendacious practices. This is specifically worrisome when complex equipment is being repairs or tested. A common concern is that all necessary parts of complex equipment are checked and repaired properly. When an onsite service provider is able to provide transparency, the company is better able to get a good sense of maintenance and repair completeness.


When onsite maintenance and repairs are being performed, providers will ideally be able to repair and test equipment in a controlled environment. When services are being performed inside a hangar, there is a chance of there being very little control over the work environment. If onsite services are performed in a trailer, environmental conditions, that could impact the equipment, can be better controlled.


When onsite services are performed away from company supervision, the opportunity to ask the onsite maintenance and repair technician questions is minimized. By having a chance to speak with the onsite maintenance and repair provider, companies can educate themselves on how to prevent strains to equipment and how to extend it equipment life.

At e2b calibration, we perform all onsite services inside the customer location. Our technicians are available to answer any questions or provide guidance. If you have any questions about onsite calibration services, contact e2b calibration.