Aviation asset management is key for operational efficiency of an aircraft, a lab and lab personnel. The equipment used every day to maintain, calibrate and repair aircrafts needs to be organized and kept in its proper place to ensure FOD prevention and over all safety of all individuals who will be associated with the aircraft. Although it seems simple to place an instrument back into proper storage after use, there are many instances where an instrument has not been placed where it’s meant to be. When an instrument is “missing” from its assigned place, this could cause some major concerns. For example, there have been instances where an instrument has been left inside an aircraft part. This type of error is extremely hazardous, therefore the instrument within the aircraft needs to be found right away. A preeminent solution to this problem and many other similar problems is to use aviation asset management software.


Aviation asset management software is a cutting edge creation. When using this software three of the most essential benefits are reaped, such as:


The best part of using aviation asset management software is knowing exactly where an instrument is and who is using it. For example, say Bob went to look for a torque wrench and it wasn’t in the place it was supposed to be. Bob could then use the aviation asset management software to see where the torque wrench is currently located and who the last to use it was. This feature completely knocks out the concern of “missing” instruments.


Because instruments are so easily traced, organization is easy. When using this software, labs and lab personnel will know where an instrument should be placed and where exactly it is located. Organization of instruments is key in order to have a proper functioning lab.


Safety is guaranteed when using aviation asset management software, specifically because it can completely eliminate FOD. When FOD is taken out of the equation, the environment is safer for the aircraft, lab personnel and any other individuals associated with the aircraft.
Aviation asset management software also provides a cost effective and accurate peace of mind. Notably, not all asset management software are alike. Some may be more efficient while others may be more user-friendly.