Use of Multi-Purpose Cart

In the field of aircraft maintenance, equipment such as a multi-purpose cart allows the compliance of different kinds of maintenance servicing tasks with the advantage of portability and efficiency.

Within the cart itself are sets of generators, pumps, filters, electrical outlets, nitrogen cylinders and different sets of gauges which are all designed to perform separate functions but are packed together, hence the moniker, “Multi-Purpose Cart.”

Generators and its accompanying electrical outlets can be used by technicians to provide electrical power to tools or equipment such as portable lamps, air compressors and ventilation machines. This design capability is most applicable when technicians are working at night and requires illumination to work safely or are working on maintenance tasks that require sufficient ventilation such as entering of aircraft fuel tank or entering inside a cargo compartment.

Hydraulic pumps, filters and hoses are collectively used to drain and refill the fluid currently stored inside the hydraulic reservoir. With the use of this equipment, the completion time of the maintenance task is significantly faster as a pressurized vacuum will drain the stored fluid in the reservoir and a pressurized pump will refill the reservoir with new fluid. This eliminates the conventional work of manually draining by using gravity and refilling with the use of a manual hand pump.

The cart is also equipped with nitrogen cylinders, hoses and pressurized gauges. These components are used to check, inflate or deflate aircraft tires. It is also used to service the landing gear shock absorber with nitrogen. On certain aircraft, nitrogen servicing is also performed on tail bumpers or in the actuator that enables emergency opening of passenger doors.


Multi-Purpose Cart Upkeep and Maintenance

As with any mechanical device, proper upkeep and maintenance is a must to ensure that the equipment will function properly and accurately. This upkeep also ensures that the total investment made in the equipment itself will be maximized.

A proper maintenance program to be deployed in a Multi-Purpose Cart would see the inspection and servicing of the following parts:


Professional Upkeep and Maintenance

e2b calibration, is capable of providing maintenance and calibration for the various components of the Multi-Purpose Cart.  We are ISO 17025:2017 certified and registered with ANAB, which assures our customers that the quality of service we provide is the industry standard. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide on-site maintenance and calibration services throughout the United States. For inquiries and additional information please contact e2b calibration.

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