Tronair, Inc. just recently announced the release of a new diesel ground power unit. This is the company’s latest Tier 4 Final emissions compliant diesel ground power unit. The new GPU has been designed to serve as a 28.5 volt DC power source for parked aircrafts. It will be able to provide up to 600 amps continuously for aircraft servicing and up to 2,000 amps for starting.

The new Tronair GPU will require no diesel particulate filter or DEF fluid. Instead, the GPU will use a DOC oxidation catalyst, which aids in reducing maintenance interval requirements. It will also help improve the instrument’s fuel economy. Built with a Doosan diesel engine, the GPU engine will consist of electronic controls that will help ensure a more precise control over engine performance. The unit will also have a new innovative digital controller and display system, which will lead to simpler operating procedures. The display system will also be able to provide necessary information that is needed for GPU troubleshooting and diagnostics.

The Principal Engineer leading the design and development of the GPU, Peter Heydinger stated, “the design of this unit is centered on simplistic functionality and consistent reliability. The components used on the GPU are used in numerous applications worldwide guaranteeing longevity and low maintenance costs.”

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