Tronair Ram Air Turbine Flow Control Test Unit Storage Tips

Tronair Ram Air Turbine

Ram Air Turbine Storage & Handling

When storing a Tronair Ram Air Turbine (RAT) Flow Control Test Unit, ensure that the wheels aren’t supporting the weight of the unit (which can cause wheels to deteriorate faster). Don’t let the wheels touch the surface of a pallet or shipping container. Tie down rings are located on the side of the unit. Straps can be used in combination with the tie down rings to keep the equipment stable. A minimum of four straps must be used during the process.

The handles on the side of the unit should be used during transportation. The unit was made to be moved in a sideways motion. If using a forklift to move the ram air turbine unit, make sure that forks are positioned underneath the fork channels. Be sure that the forks are the appropriate length to make contact with the fork channels. The unit should not be stacked at any point during transportation or storage.

Ram Air Turbine Flow Control Test Unit shipping and storage warnings:

Long-term Storage Recommendations

If the unit will be stored for a period of 3 months or greater, special precautions need to be taken. Hydraulic fluid should be drained from the unit. Ensure that no hydraulic fluid is left in any of the hoses.

Outdoor Storage Specifications

When storing outside, the RAM test unit must be protected from the elements. The unit should be covered to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Ensure that any covering is not abrasive. The unit must not be exposed to dirt, sand or freezing water. Contamination may cause damage to the Tronair Ram Air Turbine Flow Control Test Unit. Outdoor storage is not ideal for the Tronair Ram Air Turbine Test Unit.

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