Tronair Products and Service Centers

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Tronair Inc. is the global market leader and one of the most respected manufacturers of high-quality Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for the aviation industry. They offer a diverse and dependable range of products for general aviation, commercial, business, and military aircraft worldwide. Tronair’s products provide innovative solutions that help to support safe and efficient ground operations and to enable the world to fly safely and comfortably. Their products can serve all types of aircraft from small general aviation aircraft to the largest commercial aircraft.

Tronair’s products, in their distinctive blue color, are regularly seen being used in the hangers of leading aircraft manufacturers, fixed based operators (FBO’s), maintenance and repair providers (MRO’s), large corporations, commercial airlines, shipping companies, and military airbases throughout the world. Internationally, Tronair has opened offices in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia and China to better serve its international customers.

Tronair Products

Tronair manufactures a wide variety of OEM approved GSE products that include towbars and towbar heads; electric towbarless tugs, hydraulic tripod and axle jacks, engine stands, engine hoists and slings, hydraulic and ground power units, ram air turbine (RAT) test equipment, lavatory and potable water service units, and nitrogen and oxygen transport carts. In addition to the Tronair brand, Tronair equipment also includes Eagle Tugs, JetPorter, Danair, and Columbus Jack products.

Tronair Service Centers

Tronair has a worldwide network of authorized service centers in locations both in the U.S. and internationally that allow customers to have any type of Tronair product be properly tested or repaired. Tronair maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs are performed by skilled and trained technicians and the technicians in the authorized service centers are required to go through extensive hands-on training at their headquarters located in Holland, OH to become certified by Tronair.

, located in Chardon, OH, has recently been certified as a North American Service Center for Tronair. e2b Calibration> can provide testing, maintenance and repair services for many of the Tronair products such as cabin pressure units (CPU), hydraulic power units (HPU), tripod and axle jacks and engine hoists and slings.

is one of the only Tronair authorized service centers in North America that can also provide a full scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services for many types of equipment used at MROs and FBOs such as torque wrenches, digital multimeters, pressure gauges and length measuring tools such as calipers and micrometers. The accredited calibrations are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to allow compliance with FAA or other industry regulations.

can provide on-site maintenance and repair services for many of the Tronair products while other services are provided in e2b’s temperature-controlled accredited calibration and repair laboratory.

can implement an aircraft jack maintenance plan for MROs and FBOs to save both time and money in the maintenance and load testing requirements for aircraft jacks. e2b technicians will maintain the aircraft jacks and will perform the annual inspections and testing to identify any safety concerns and make any necessary repairs.

Tronair Training Providers have extensive knowledge of Tronair’s product lines and can provide on-site training on the use and periodic maintenance and inspections required for Tronair products to MROs, FBOs or other aviation businesses interested in advanced education about Tronair’s GSE products.

For more information on Tronair products or how e2b Calibration can assist your organization with calibration, maintenance, or repair on other aviation ground support equipment and test equipment, contact e2b Calibration .

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