Tronair cabin pressurization unit maintenance

Keeping track of maintenance for complex pieces of equipment, such as GSE, can be a pain. Many of these pieces have independent parts that require additional care. While many maintenance tasks are checked during CPU calibration, technicians need to know what routine maintenance they must perform. To address these concerns, we have compiled a Tronair Cabin Pressurization Unit Maintenance guide.

CPU Inspections for Each Use

Check the oil level in the blower before using the CPU. Low oil can cause deterioration of the motor. If the oil level is inadequate, fill it back up to the manufacturer suggested level.

Inspect the motor for excessive debris, and friction or vibration while the CPU is running. Clear any dust in hard to reach areas by using compressed air (make sure to use eye protection).

Ensure that ventilation openings are clear to allow air to move unobstructed. Check that the drain holes for the motor are open. Use a petroleum solvent to remove any excess grease or oil.

Don’t forget to zero out the Vertical Speed Indicator before use.

Check the intake air filter, clean if necessary.

Semiannual CPU Maintenance & Inspection

The drive belt tension should be checked after the first use of the CPU, then semi-annually thereafter. The manufacturer recommends only using enough tension to drive the load. The belts can be tightened by adjusting the motor base until the belts show elasticity and feel springy to the touch. Make sure all pulleys remain in alignment while any adjustments are made.

The initial oil change should occur after 6 months or 100 machine hours, whichever comes first.

All CPU bearings should be lubricated.

Annual CPU Maintenance & Inspection

All instruments on the cabin pressurization unit will be checked during calibration. Check with you calibration laboratory to ensure that results are clearly communicated. Some calibration labs have the ability to repair or replace parts if needed.

Grease all caster lubrication points.

Replace the intake air filter.

Other CPU Routine Maintenance

The Tronair CPU requires an oil change at a maximum of every 1,000 hours. e2b calibration provides GSE maintenance and Tronair GSE training.




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