Top 5 April Blogs

In case you missed content, here is a quick recap of our most popular blogs of April.

Aircraft Jack Proof Load Testing Guide

Does your axle or tripod jack still support the amount of weight necessary? The best way to ensure the safety of aircraft jacks is by conducting regular proof load testing. Despite the critical role hydraulic jacks play in an aircraft maintenance facility, a number of aircraft maintenance professionals are unaware that aircraft jacks require regular maintenance. Read more.

Guide to Hydraulic Jack Load Testing for Aircraft Maintenance Facilities

e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17205 accredited calibration and repair laboratory in Northeast Ohio, today announced the availability of their newly published white paper titled, “Aircraft Maintenance Guide to Hydraulic Jack Proof Load Testing and Maintenance Best Practices.” Read more.

Understanding As Found Data versus As Left Data

One of the most common questions is understanding the difference of as found versus as left data on a certificate of calibration. First and foremost, these terms apply to data – not to the instrument condition. Many quality professionals get confused because these terms are often used interchangeably. Read more.

Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass Calibration & Maintenance

Aircraft navigation is an absolute discipline. Pilots need to be sure that their aircraft compass provides an accurate reading. To check the validity of aircraft compass readings, many aviation maintenance professionals use the Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass. The Barfield 101-01200 is a portable, self-contained device that is used to check the accuracy of mounted aircraft compasses. Read more.

Hydraulic Aircraft Jack Proof Load Testing Maintenance Schedule

Manufacturers of hydraulic aircraft jacks recommend 90 day maintenance and testing be done on your jack(s) once every 12 months. Testing may also be advised outside of the regular schedule if an event takes places that could potentially damage the jack. For example, being dropped or having something dropped on the jack that may cause damage to the structure or the hydraulic system. Read more.

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