Aviation equipment repair costs can vary based on the work needing to be done. If a piece of equipment needs to be replaced, the price could reflect the amount of a small car, if not more. Although small repairs to aviation equipment are preferable, depending on the downtime associated with the needed maintenance, this scenario could also put a decent dent in your pocket.

Keep in mind, when sending aviation equipment to a manufacturer or a lab, you’re not only paying for parts and service fees, you’re paying for shipping and handling as well. Shipping costs alone can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the equipment type, size, weight and service provider. A better approach to handling your aviation equipment’s maintenance and repair needs is to invest in an on-site maintenance and repair technician.


The benefit of choosing an onsite maintenance and repair technician is that shipping and handling fees are cut out completely. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to ship your equipment to a provider, you can pay half of the cost to fly a provider out to you to perform the needed repairs. Notably, it is up to the company to pay for an onsite technician’s hotel fees and transportation, but 9 times out of 10, these costs are significantly cheaper than shipping equipment out and waiting for it to be shipped back in.

Another added bonus of choosing an onsite maintenance and repair provider is excessive downtime is completely eliminated. This is because the onsite provider will perform all repairs needed at your location. When an onsite technician finishes the needed repairs, the equipment can be back up and running within a matter of minutes. This helps to save a company’s bottom line because excessive downtime can have a hard financial impact in the long run.