Skydrol Recovery Cart

Skydrol is the proprietary brand name of an aviation hydraulic fluid which is manufactured by Solutia which is now part of Eastman Chemical Company. There are various types of Skydrol including Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, and Skydrol 5.


Skydrol is fire-resistant and has several oil additives that help it to inhibit corrosion and limit damage to the valves of the hydraulic systems of the aircraft. It also includes a purple or green dye so in case of a leak it is easily identified. Most major aircraft manufacturers approve the use of Skydrol in their aircraft.


The main purpose of the hydraulic fluid is to transfer energy in the hydraulic systems to move various parts of the aircraft such as landing gear, brakes, elevators, ailerons, cargo doors, etc.


However, the job of hydraulic fluid goes beyond the simple transmission of power, as hydraulic machines generate a lot of heat during their operation and this excess heat is removed by the hydraulic fluid.  It also helps in contamination removal, sealing, and lubrication of the hydraulic system.


Skydrol recovery cart is a special purpose Ground Support Equipment that is an essential part of any airfield. Skydrol hydraulic fluid is very corrosive and on contact highly damaging to the human skin. Therefore strict safety precautions must be undertaken while handling Skydrol. The recovery cart needs to be ready and in working order at all times.


To ensure the functionality of the Skydrol recovery cart, proper maintenance and servicing routines and protocols must be followed otherwise it could lead to malfunction and damage not only to the cart but also to the aircraft it is servicing.


Here is a checklist to ensure that the Skydrol recovery cart is in good working order:



Follow yearly maintenance routine of the Skydrol recovery cart as per manufacturers recommendations. e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory and can provide this service. We specialize in cost-effective repair and maintenance services of all types of Ground Service Equipment including Skydrol recovery carts.  Please contact e2b calibration for more information about our on-site services.



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