Our extensive calibration service scope covers electrical, physical-dimensional, environmental, flow, torque, force, and weight. Accredited scope for each type of calibration service provided varies by test with a test uncertainty ratio of 4:1 or better. We can also provide commercial calibration services for thousands of instruments and calibration services providing you with a turnkey on-site or in-house calibration for just about any instrument or gage you might use in GSE, IFR, or general maintenance of your aviation or avionics equipment.


Some of the Manufacturers We Calibrate

Independent ISO 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 Accreditation

What sets a calibration lab apart as being truly exceptional is when they go well beyond accreditation requirements. e2b calibration has optionally achieved ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 accreditation which includes many additional requirements not included in the international ISO 17025 requirements. For example, improvements in procedure training are utilized which goes beyond requirements set forth by ANAB, the accrediting body of ISO 17025 standards governing accredited calibration metrology laboratories. Internal training includes expanded documentation of calibration test procedures with post-training proficiency tests – added measures that our accreditation doesn’t require. Proficiency tests ensure that every technician understands and performs the calibration procedure in a consistent way improving the quality assurance our customers demand when they entrust us with their equipment.

What sets us apart?

Proof Load Testing Best PracticesCertificate of Accreditation

Calibration Scope: Accredited & Commercial

FAA CFR Title 14 Calibration Services

We ensure that critical ground support equipment (GSE) and instrument flight rules (IFR) are in compliance with FAA CFR Title 14 parts 145 and 91. In fact, we are one of the only accredited calibration laboratories providing on-site calibration services for specialized aviation and avionics equipment such as aircraft jack stand proof load testing, cabin pressure calibration, vertical speed indicators, air data test sets, AeroMech RVSM gage, and oxygen gauges. We’re not just a calibration lab – we’re a quality management partner providing FAA maintenance and repair facilities, FBO fixed base operations, and independent owners with audit preparation, consulting, and best practices.

  • Maintenance facilities must test maintenance equipment at regular intervals.
  • Calibration must be traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).
  • The generally accepted interval for most test equipment calibration is annual.
  • A certificated repair station must maintain documents and data required for the performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations under its repair station certificate and operations specifications.

We also service general equipment including pitot static test sets, torque wrenches, crimpers, multimeters, calipers, and more.

Quality Assurance Best Practices

e2b calibration utilizes 5S throughout the calibration facility. 5S is a Japanese quality improvement technique which utilizes five strategies to improve product and service quality; sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Each phase of 5S works to organize the equipment, maintain a clean and efficient workspace, and decrease wasted time.  We’ve also defined standard hours by procedure to ensure quick return times and improved quality control. For example, quality may be jeopardized if a calibration service takes fifteen minutes when the standard procedure time is an hour (or vice-versa).  This quality strategy provides insight to review calibrations that fall outside the expected standard where corrective actions may be required to ensure the job was done right and the equipment is properly evaluated.

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