Planes of Fame 2017 Air Show

The Planes of Fame 2017 Air Show will take place Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th at the Chino airport. Special planning has gone into this years show to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Planes of Fame Museum. In addition to flight demonstrations, the show will include aircraft displays, a veterans panel discussion, kids area, and food.

2017 Air Show Featured Aircraft

The Planes of Fame 2017 Air Show has flight demonstrations scheduled for aircraft flown during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Some of these aircraft are very rare. One of the most notable in the collection is the Northrop N9MB Flying Wing, the only surviving example of the aircraft type.

North American B-25J Mitchell

The B-25 is a twin-engine bomber that was used by Allied air forces during WWII. The bomber was manufactured by North American Aviation, at the Kansas City plant. The aircraft was fitted with 14 – 18 machine guns. The maximum speed of the B-25J is 275 mph at 15,000 feet. The B25-J was the final Mitchell variant, many say that it was a cross between the B-25D and the B-25H. The Royal Air Force flew the B-25J under the designation Mitchell III.

North American P-51A Mustang

The P-51A is one of the earliest variants of the North American Mustang, a pure fighter aircraft used in WWII. The P-51A uses the original Allison V-1710-81 engine (later versions used the Rolls Royce Merlin). This variation didn’t perform well at high altitudes, hence the engine switch for later variants. The top speed was 390 mph.

Planes of Fame 2017 Air Show Details

The air show gates open at 8am and close at 5pm Saturday and Sunday. The flying show is held from 10:45am to 4pm. Single day admission is $25, kids under 11 years old receive free entry. Sunrise photo access is available for $90, but is limited to 75 tickets per day. The sunrise pass includes general admission to the show, but allows entry at 5:30am. Get Planes of Fame 2017 Airshow Tickets: