MRO Americas 2018 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

The Aerospace Maintenance Competition is a public demonstration of the skills and expertise of aviation maintenance technicians. The challenge takes place over two days and features 20+ skill tests. Teams come from all over the country to prove their aviation maintenance expertise.

The Competition

The MRO Americas 2018 Aerospace Maintenance Competition takes place April 10 – 11. Teams are given 25 different challenges, receiving 15 minutes to complete each challenge. Scoring is based on completion time, the quickest team wins. Time is added on to each challenge if any mistakes are made. The three teams that can complete all challenges in the shortest time become category winners.

Challenges change frequently to reflect industry trends, updated best practices, and emerging technology. The MRO Americas 2018 Aerospace Maintenance Competition will have challenges that deal with space aircraft and Virtual Reality (VR). Necessary tools and equipment is provided to the teams. Some challenges, such as the Turbine Engine, require team members to install equipment to meet certain criteria. Other challenges are knowledge based, requiring excellent recall skills to diagnose problems or use best practices.

AMC Team Information

Aerospace Maintenance Competition teams come from airlines, MROs, OEMs, aviation schools, the military, and space travel companies. Entrants must meet certification requirements. Competitors either be certified by an aviation authority, working at a certified repair organization, or enrolled in a certified aviation maintenance school. Teams consist of 5 members.

Aerospace Maintenance Competition Team Categories

The overall winner of MRO Americas 2017, United Airline CLE, came from the Commercial Aviation Category. Many of the team members enter the competition to build professional experience, test skills, and get exposure to new technologies. Students welcome the opportunity to learn from seasoned, industry professionals. Many established AMTs enjoy the networking, especially across civilian and military aviation sectors.

Recognition & Awards

Team winners are chosen for each of the six categories. Some of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition sponsors provide complimentary product to top placing teams in all categories or next years entry fees for individual award winners. Individual contestants are selected for the William F. “Bill” O’Brien Award, Charles E. Taylor AMT Student Award, and Phoebe Omlie scholarship.

The William F. “Bill” O’Brien Award is bestowed to the team with the best overall score. A traveling, five foot tall trophy is given to the winning team to take home for the year. Snap-on also donates $75,000 worth of tools to the winning team. The Charles E. Taylor Award, in honor of the first aviation mechanic in powered flight, is awarded to the top scoring aviation maintenance technician and student. Every team member is eligible to compete for the Charles E. Taylor Award.

The core goal of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition is increasing awareness for the aircraft and spacecraft maintenance. It isn’t possible to put enough emphasis on what these individuals do to keep aviation safe. The competition is inclusive, one group isn’t promoted over another. This is truly a unique event that brings together some of the best AMTs.

Highlights from the 2017 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

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