MRO Americas 2017 GSE Pavilion

One of the new features for April’s MRO Americas 2017 event is the GSE Pavilion, also known as the GSE Zone. This is a welcome addition to the show, as emphasis on ground support equipment maintenance is greater than ever. Many MRO’s and FBO’s are realizing that one of the easiest ways to reduce costs is by maintaining GSE. Not only are GSE pieces expensive to replace, they also must perform properly to ensure the safety of aviation maintenance technicians. O

GSE Pavilion

“The GSE Pavilion is the area of the MRO Americas Conference & Exhibition that focuses exclusively on the equipment and services used to support the operations of aircraft while on the ground.” – MRO Americas website

The new MRO Americas 2017 GSE Pavilion will show innovations, provide GSE tips, and showcase new GSE products. Hands-on experiences with products will be offered. The GSE Pavilion is included with the MRO Americas pass. Although they aren’t located in the MRO Americas 2017 GSE Pavilion, the Tronair booth is a great place to stop if you want to learn about equipment. Tronair is a manufacturer of key GSE pieces including aircraft jacks, HPUs, CPUs, and more. They specialize in equipment for business aviation. Tronair GSE equipment is used on many recognizable aircraft including: