manage asset quality documents

A key part of meeting quality assurance system or quality management system requirements is keeping accurate records. Repair and maintenance processes, documented quality standards, and tooling calibration certificates must be available. Some MROs struggle with this because they don’t have an easy process for storing and finding the information that they need. Rummaging through filing cabinets or searching in a spreadsheet is a time consuming way to manage asset quality documents. To make compliance more convenient, communicate with your calibration provider and keep necessary documents accessible.

Communicate with Your Calibration Laboratory

Ensure that any calibration testing providers are able to respond quickly to any problems. Verify that the laboratory will provide assistance when needed. Ask laboratory personnel how missing or inaccurate certificates are handled. When choosing a calibration laboratory, make sure that they are responsive and are committed to helping manage asset quality documents.

Follow Storage Best Practices

The best way to manage asset quality documents is by linking them to each calibrated asset. Linking quality records to the associated asset can quickly give a full picture of the life of the instrument. Finding a quality record is as easy as finding the asset. The easiest way to do this is by using a designated calibration management software or asset tracking program. These methods may also allow maintenance records, manuals, warranties, or photos to be associated to an individual asset.

Plan for Multiple Certificates

Quality personnel often require quick access to the most recent certificate of calibration. Instrument testing can generate many calibration certificates over time. Most instruments have annual calibration records, meaning that a certificate is generated each year for the usable life of the instrument. Matters can get more complicated when considering equipment with short calibration intervals. Pressure gauges and thermocouples may have up to four certificates of calibration per year. Calibration management software allows for easy identification and storage of these documents.

Ensure Accessibility

Make sure that personnel are always able to access necessary documentation. Accessing hard copies can be problematic when they are stored in an office or filing cabinet that is locked. The same is true for spreadsheets that are stored on an individual computer. When using asset management software, all a person needs to manage asset quality documents is an internet connection. This provides access to records from any device, anytime.Our calibration management software, Anytime Assets, takes care of storing certificates of calibration, maintenance records, photos, and more. CLICK HERE to learn more about Anytime Assets