Malabar GSE Products

Malabar International, located in Swanton, Ohio, is a major supplier of ground support and maintenance equipment (GSE) for the aviation industry. Since their founding in 1935, Malabar International has been supplying aircraft jacks, both axle jacks and tripod jacks for commercial, military, and business jet aircraft in over 90 countries around the world.

Malabar’s products also include tail support stanchions, weigh and recovery equipment, fluid dispensers, B787 and A350 coolant service equipment, service carts, wheel and brake service equipment, testing equipment and other specialty aviation maintenance products.

Malabar products can be found in many maintenance shops and hangers serving major airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance organizations, and government and military agencies.

In 2017, Tronair, Inc., the leading manufacturer of aircraft ground support equipment purchased Malabar International to add to its growing aerospace ground support equipment empire. Malabar’s worldwide reputation for quality and service enhances Tronair’s values and mission to provide the best GSE products and services to its broad base of global aerospace customers.

Malabar GSE Product Line

Malabar’s Tripod Jacks are available in various fixed height and variable height capacities up to 120 tons. Their single-stage or two-stage hydraulic jacks are designed for in-hangar maintenance and service of all narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. They contain the sturdy tripod structure, hydraulic cylinder assembly, hand pump, fluid reservoir, tow handle and swivel casters.

Malabar’s single-stage or multi-stage hydraulic axle jacks are primarily used for jacking the main and/or nose landing gear of various aircraft for changing aircraft wheels and tires. The jacks consist of the cylinder assembly, hydraulic reservoir and hand pump assembly and are available in various capacities up to165 tons. Malabar’s patented floating cylinder assembly allows the jack to track the arc of the landing gear jack point to eliminate any side loads on the jack or landing gear to provide a safer operation and extend the axle jack’s life.

Malabar’s rugged fluid dispensers are used to service various commercial aircraft hydraulic systems, engines and auxiliary power units. They have capacities from 1 quart to trailers designed to hold 55-gallon drums. They are suitable for a variety of hydraulic fluids, including Skydrol and HyJet.

Malabar’s Service Trailers and Transporters are a lightweight and rugged solution for transporting aircraft tires, axle jacks and brake and wheel equipment that eliminates towing damage to the aircraft jacks and accessories. They are equipped with foam-filled tires that eliminates flats due to punctures.

Malabar’s patented Floating Beam Assembly can easily access the axle jack point and provide safe jacking of the aircraft in emergency landing gear tire flats or on rim conditions.

Malabar’s 3 and 5 point Aircraft Weigh System provides an easy method to lift and weigh all wide-body aircraft in conjunction with various electronic load cell systems. The portable storage cart allows for the quick transport and storage of the weighing system equipment and accessories.

has extensive experience in Malabar Aircraft Jack testing, repair and refurbishment. We can perform all inspection and load testing procedures, seal and other part replacements and complete overhauls to all Malabar Jack types.

is also an Authorized Tronair Service center and we can provide full maintenance and repair services for most of Tronair’s extensive GSE product line. We have been supporting the aviation community for many years and can provide fast turnaround times for all of your GSE needs.

can also provide ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited calibrations for other aviation maintenance support testing equipment such as torque wrenches, pressure gauges, calipers and multimeters. For more information on how we can help support your equipment needs, contact e2b calibration.

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