The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the premier organization for professionals in the Aerospace industry.  The AIAA is publishes multiple scholarly that are dedicated to different facets or aeronautics, such as aerospace information systems and thermophysics. The organization helps students pursuing careers in aerospace by hosting student conferences and providing scholarships through the AIAA Foundation. Professional conferences are hosted through-out the year in the US and China.

As aerospace professionals, we have devoted our lives to understanding what many people believe is unknowable. We pursue the undiscoverable. We work in the uninhabitable. We ponder the indecipherable. Dream the impossible. Chase the unattainable.
And in the end, we routinely accomplish the unimaginable. We unravel the mysteries of flight and space, constantly finding new ways of showing gravity who’s boss.
But if our work is to continue, we must also ignite the imagination of people outside the profession, convincing them that the things we learn, and the things we create, are important. That daily life is better because of them.
” – Excerpt from AIAA credo

AIAA Facts

Brief History of AIAA

The association formed in 1963 after a merger. The Institute of Aerospace Sciences and the American Rocket society combined to form the AIAA. The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences was formed in New York in 1932. Membership classes were created based on experience and technical expertise. Orville Wright was an honorary fellow. A pacific coast location was added 1934.

In 1996, the AIAA Foundation was created, providing assistance to students interested in aeronautics education. The Evolution of Flight campaign, in 2003, provided aviation education and events for a span of three years. The AIAA is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

AIAA Today

The AIAA is one of the most active industry organizations, period. Conferences cover topics ranging from Modeling and Simulation to Atmospheric Flight Mechanics. Conferences offer panel discussions, workshops, and a full exhibitor floor. The AIAA advocates continuing education, offering courses at conferences, through home study, tutorials, and on-site training. Career match services are provided to members. Awards are presented annually to students, lecturers, educators, writers, and more. AIAA also features a Book of the Month on their website, as well as a Year in Review piece each December.

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