IFR 4000 vs IFR 6000 Capabilities

The Aeroflex IFR 4000 and IFR 6000 Ramp Test Sets are among the most popular instruments for Aircraft technicians to use when testing a wide variety of aircraft functions.

These compact, lightweight and weatherproof units are the most portable ramp test sets on the market today. The menu-driven functionality and simple user interface make these units extremely easy to use and are designed for one person to perform all of the required functional tests. The units are designed for ramp testing, but can equally be used for bench testing applications. The units include a guided test function that allows the technician to create custom test sequences to reduce the total testing time.

The IFR 4000 and IFR 6000 Test Sets are designed for ease of use, reliability and long service life. An internal battery provides power for eight hours of continuous operation and they also have a DC power input, for charging the battery, bench operation or servicing use. The test sets feature an easy to use interface where the most important parameters are displayed on one screen so that scrolling through the screens is not required to view the completed test results.

Each test set is designed to perform testing on different aspects of the aircraft functions and all fully capable shops have at least one of each model available to them.

IFR 4000 NAV/COMM Test Set

The IFR 4000 Test Set is designed to perform functional testing, signal generation and calibration of the VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR), Instrument Landing System (ILS) and VHF/UHF Communications (COMM) avionics systems. With the ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) option, the 121.5/243 MHz Short Range Emergency Beacons and 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT Long Range Emergency Beacons can also be tested which eliminates the cost and hassle of having a separate test set just for emergency locator beacon testing.

It can also generate ARINC 596 Selective Calling tones (SELCAL), by providing selectable consecutive tone pulse pairs, to allow the ground radio operator to alert the crew that the operator wishes to communicate with that aircraft.

It tests the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) Mode with either a Continuous Wave SWR or Swept SWR measurement. An accurate SWR measurement is important to indicate mismatches between the antenna and the transmission line. The IFR 4000 also provides a general-purpose frequency counter measurement in the range of 1 to 10 MHz by using the auxiliary I/O connector as the signal input.

IFR 6000 Transponder/DME/TCAS Test Set

The IFR6000 Test Set is a precision signal generator and modulator able to test airborne transponder (XPDR) modes A, C, and S, 978 MHz UAT, TCAS I and II and ADS-B equipped transponders and 1090 MHz emitters

The IFR6000 is the only ramp test set designed to test the full capabilities of the next generation of transponders, including ADS-B testing, FIS-B, and TIS-B testing. It contains everything you need for comprehensive DME testing and supports all DME channels and frequencies.

The test set includes a lightweight directional antenna that couples the RF output to the aircraft equipment for operation on the ramp. The antenna can be mounted on the test set itself or attached to a tripod.

The test set is FAR Part 43 Appendix F compliant and has the capability to thoroughly test transponders to these new functions and comply with the current requirements.

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