How to Write a RFQ for Calibration

A properly written request for quote (RFQ) for calibration services is extremely important when using and choosing a calibration lab. A RFQ is used to ask calibration labs for the price per tool, the payment terms, the quality requirement and the length of contract for calibration services. It is essential when writing a RFQ to include as much information as possible and to ensure terms and conditions are included. This will guarantee accurate and complete quotes from the calibration provider.

To help you get a better idea of what information should be a part of your request for quote, we have created a small guide on what to include below.

Basic Information

When creating a request for quote, you should always start with the basics. Be sure to include:

Tool Specifications

It’s also important to include tool specifications into your request for quote for calibration services. Specifications should include:

Required Quality and Quantity

Calibration service request for quotes should also include the required quality and quantity of calibration needed. Information in this section should include:

Payment Terms

The payment terms are also important to include in a request for quote to ensure the calibration lab is offering specific services on a competitive basis. Payment terms should include: