Equipment maintenance and repair is essential to ensure accuracy and safety. While it is important to ensure all equipment has a set maintenance schedule, it is also vital to assure that the schedule does not interfere with aviation maintenance options. In order to successfully eliminate prolonged downtime, onsite maintenance and repair should be used.


When companies rely on instruments and equipment to efficiently get work done, parting with these items for a prolonged period of time can hurt work flow and productivity rates. For this reason, the traditionally process of sending out equipment/instruments for maintenance and repair should be extinguished. Regardless of how fast shipping claims to be, downtime is still being accumulated when instruments/equipment are being transported to and from a laboratory. When utilizing onsite maintenance and repair, instruments and equipment can be returned to normal work rotation immediately.

Although onsite maintenance and repair may seem more costly upfront, in the long run it saves companies money by eliminating unnecessary downtime. For example, if an aircraft jack needs to be repaired, it will likely cost a company more to ship the jack to and from the laboratory and to take the several amount of days off, than it would be to pay for an onsite technician to come and do the repairs.


To guarantee optimal efficiency and time savings, it is important that a tool/quality manger plan a one month lead time for scheduling onsite services. This is necessary because before a laboratory will agree to perform onsite services, a list must be sent with the equipment that needs to be repaired or calibrated during onsite services. Once a list is received, the laboratory will review and give a quote based upon what services are needed. If the request for onsite service is small, only one technician will likely be needed for a few hours. However, if a list is large or there are more complex items, multiple technicians may be required. If multiple technicians are needed, travel costs will be estimated for each individual technician and included in the quote.


It’s important to consider the following when looking into onsite maintenance and repair services: