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MRO Americas 2018 will take place this year in Orlando, Florida. This is the 22nd MRO event hosted by Aviation Week. Last year’s show added an IT Zone and GSE Pavilion to MRO Americas. Keep reading to learn about the history of MRO Americas show for maintenance, repair, and overhaul professionals began.

Overhaul & Maintenance Prevalence

In 1996, the Aviation Week Group (now called Aviation Week) recognized the uptick of activity for aircraft overhaul and maintenance. All the conferences and aviation magazines at the time seemed to focus on pilots, new aircraft, and OEM news. To address this gap, the Aviation Week Group decided it was time to provide education and communication outlets for maintenance, repair, and overhaul professionals.

Focus on MRO

The first step was introducing Overhaul & Maintenance magazine, which was written for airline managers, distributors, and MRO’s. A bi-weekly newsletter was also created for the MRO network that covered topics from regulations and RFP’s to contract awards. The final step was creating an event specifically for maintenance, repair, and overhaul professionals.

MRO ’96 Conference & Exhibition

The first event, called simply MRO ‘96, featured forums, sessions, and an exhibit floor. First year attendees were primarily from the military, airlines, and MRO supplier network. The event was held in a hotel ballroom in Dallas, Texas. Texas seemed like a natural choice for the show due to the huge aviation presence in the region. The event was presented by The Aviation Week Group and The Canaan Group Ltd.

MRO ’96 had plenty to offer, especially for being an introductory event. The involvement from large-name aviation companies was apparent. Speakers came from Pratt & Whitney After-Market, Airbus Service, United Airlines Maintenance & Operations, BF Goodrich Aerospace, and Boeing Commercial Airplane Support. A few key talking points focused on cost reduction, asset management, and capacity planning.

The event proved to be a huge success. Interest grew rapidly, and the event continued annually. Within two years attendance blossomed at such a high rate that the show had to start being held in a convention center. The show has since been held in Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and now Orlando. Major milestones during the history of MRO Americas include 250 + exhibitors in 2000, 500 + visitors in 2010, and 10,000 + registrants in 2013. We can’t wait to see what milestones will happen at MRO Americas 2018.

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