e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17205 accredited calibration and repair laboratory in Northeast Ohio, today announced the availability of their newly published white paper titled, “Aircraft Maintenance Guide to Hydraulic Jack Proof Load Testing and Maintenance Best Practices.”

The white paper serves as a guide to help aircraft maintenance facilities ensure they are following little-known manufacturer guidelines and regulations related to hydraulic jack load testing. The white paper also provides insights and best practices to help companies reduce the time and cost of the shipping and testing processes for fast, reliable, and cost effective proof load testing.

“The purpose of publishing this white paper was two-fold,” said John Moss, General Manager of e2b calibration. “First, we wanted stress to maintenance facilities that leading hydraulic jack manufacturers strongly recommend annual proof load testing to ensure proper function of the jack; an important fact that many facilities are unaware of. Secondly, we wanted to explain the service options available for proof load testing, cost considerations, and other critical factors that must be considered as aircraft service facilities formulate their hydraulic jack maintenance strategy and budgets.”

Some of the many topics discussed in this guide include:

The white paper is available for complimentary download here.

e2b calibration provides on-site load testing for single-stage and multi-stage tripod jacks with a capacity up to 150 tons as well as on-site proof load testing for axle jacks. e2b calibration is also equipped to meet related maintenance and repair for hydraulic jacks and other aviation equipment including as air data test sets, pitot static systems, most traffic control avoidance systems (TCAS), aircraft scales, and more.

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Read the guide here.