Using technology to ensure safer skies.


Foreign object debris (FOD) is any object located within an unsafe location in an airport environment that has the ability to injure airport workers, AMT personnel, and damage aircraft. FOD is a large concern for MROs and airlines. FOD creates safety hazards that can cause bodily injury and incur high damage costs to aircraft.

Common FOD sources include aircraft and engine fasteners, aircraft parts, and aircraft maintenance tools. The FAA recommends using technology, in addition to visual inspections, to increase FOD detection and prevention. E2b calibration created two solutions to help MROs and FBOs to prevent FOD, Anytime Assets and the Digital Asset Verification System.

FOD Prevention with Anytime Assets

Our customizable asset tracking software, Anytime Assets, has multiple functions that help detect and prevent FOD. AMTs and tooling managers can use asset transactions to ensure that all tooling is accounted for after a maintenance task has been completed. Each asset can be assigned to an aircraft tail number, and an alert will occur if any items aren’t checked in at the end of a job. RFID is available with Anytime Assets to locate any misplaced tools quickly.

Digital Asset Verification System

The Digital Asset Verification (DAV) system saves AMTs time by completing an automatic tool box inspection. The DAV system is completely customizable. This system does not require new tool boxes to be purchased. If you have any questions about the system, contact us.

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