foam tool organizer benefits

Have trouble locating what you need in your tool box? A foam tool organizer is the answer. Standard tool boxes rarely have enough dividers to make locating tools fast or easy. Not convinced that a foam tool organizer is the solution, keep reading to find out how these can help.

Quick Scan of Tools

Wouldn’t it be great to open each drawer of your tool chest and quickly determine if everything is accounted for? Using an organizer gives you the ability to do just that. Each tool has a specified location in the tool chest or tool box. Multiple tools of similar type or size are stored together, avoiding confusion. If using dual color foam, it’s even easier to spot a missing tool quickly.

Foreign Object Debris Prevention

Misplaced tools aren’t just inconvenient, it can be dangerous. Technicians that work on aircraft or spacecraft must ensure that all tooling is accounted for at the end of each job to comply with FAA regulations. Loose tooling can cause extensive damage or cause issues that interfere with flight and operation. In these situations, it is paramount to determine quickly if any equipment is missing.

Theft Prevention

In a messy tool box, it can be hard to impossible to quickly determine if a tool is missing. In the case of borrowing, or outright theft, it’s easier and smarter to take a tool from someone that won’t know its missing. By keeping an organized tool box or chest, any potential thieves may be deterred by the fact that you will know right away of something is missing.

Tool Protection

When tools are stored loosely, they can sustain damage over time. It may not seem like much, but continual friction can wear down tools, equipment, and power cords. A foam tool organizer prevents tool damage by eliminating wear caused by friction (or bending in the case of power cords).

By using organization, you can greatly extend the life of your equipment, tools, and power cords. While there are some options other than foam, it has been found to be the most effective for tool storage. Foam holds tools tightly enough to prevent motion when moving your tool box, tools are easy to remove when needed. Foam edges are much gentler than similar organizers that are made of plastic or metal.View our FOD education center or browse FOD prevention solutions