quality calibration services

In today’s global marketplace, it’s important for aerospace manufacturing companies and aviation maintenance providers to retain high quality products and services at competitive prices. Minimizing corporate expenses and freeing up valuable resources are two of the most common aims that companies have in preserving success. Aviation industry organizations may experience difficulty finding quality calibration services when searching for the lowest possible price.

At first glance the lowest price may be attractive, but more factors must be considered to find the best overall value. When selecting the calibration supplier that is best for your company, it is important to evaluate your options as economically as possible. The total cost of calibration can be greatly reduced if, before talking with prospective aviation calibration suppliers, your organization’s needs and requirements are clearly defined.

Quality Calibration Services Considerations

Too often, calibration services are chosen solely on the initial price a supplier charges for service. Companies frequently overlook the whole package, which includes the above mentioned. It is all of these factors, not price alone, that ultimately determine the best calibration service for your company. What are your calibration requirements? Make sure that the calibration lab your choose provides quality calibration services that meet your internal quality guidelines or FAA regulations. Understand your uncertainty tolerances before searching for calibration services. Ask prospective calibration labs about their internal quality system and accreditation, such as ISO 17025. The quality standards that the lab uses internally are a good indication of the level of quality you will receive.


Technical competence includes testing ability and familiarity with the equipment types you need tested or calibrated. Does the laboratory regularly work with aviation equipment? The ideal scenario is finding a provider that specializes in testing procedures, such as air data test set calibration or IFR 4000 testing. Ask how often the laboratory encounters aviation equipment.


How important is convenience when you are searching for quality calibration services? Having multiple options for aviation calibration testing can be helpful, especially when equipment can’t be taken out of service for weeks at a time. Look for a lab that can perform onsite aviation calibration, expedited shipping, or local pickup and delivery. Quick turnaround time can translate into savings when considering the cost of lacking necessary equipment. Production or maintenance could be stalled, resulting in lost revenue or unhappy customers. Make sure that the supplier you choose can work with you to meet scheduling needs.


Certificates of calibration are one of the things that an FAA auditor may request during inspection. In a large hangar or assembly facility, it can be easy to misplace paper certificates. Does the prospective calibration laboratory give digital access to calibration certificates? Making compliance convenient is an important part of providing quality calibration services.

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