e2b calibration On-Site GSE Maintenance and Testing

The use of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the maintenance and repair of aircraft is a very important part of the overall maintenance operation. The equipment is a valuable component of the proper functioning of all aircraft maintenance organizations.

The proper maintenance, testing and certification of GSE must be performed regularly in order for the equipment to operate correctly and to extend the life of the equipment. Regular maintenance is also required to maintain compliance with the manufacturers’ specifications and to meet specific regulatory and airline safety requirements within the aviation industry.

Ground support equipment encompasses many different equipment types, such as hydraulic power units, platform scales, aircraft jacks, nitrogen carts, engine hoists and slings, towbars and much more. The diversity of equipment types and maintenance requirements makes it difficult for most maintenance organizations to properly maintain their own equipment in-house and they may delay crucial maintenance due to the time and costs involved. However, studies have shown that the costs and time required for ongoing maintenance are far less than the costs involved with a catastrophic failure of the equipment or failures that damage an aircraft.

Using an external service provider for the maintenance of GSE is a cost-effective way for maintenance organizations to ensure that their equipment is being maintained regularly. Many service providers can perform the maintenance and testing of GSE on-site at the organization’s location to make it as convenient as possible and keep the equipment operating properly.


On-Site GSE Maintenance Benefits

There are several advantages to having the GSE maintenance performed on-site.


e2b calibration On-Site GSE Maintenance Capabilities

specializes in GSE support and has full on-site capabilities to perform the required inspections, maintenance, load testing and most repairs on all types of GSE equipment including equipment from Tronair, Malabar International and Columbus Jack. e2b calibration can provide load testing for aircraft jacks, hoists and slings up to 150-tons.

Located in Northern Ohio, is capable of bringing our reputable GSE maintenance services on-site to any maintenance organization’s location within the United States and its territories. We work with many regional organizations within the northeast United States and have traveled to California, North Dakota, Texas, Puerto Rico and many points in-between to provide our customers with a complete scope of on-site GSE maintenance services.

has professional and knowledgeable technicians that have been trained by many of the major GSE manufacturers and can perform proprietary manufacturer troubleshooting and repairs to keep your GSE equipment operating properly.

We can help your organization create a comprehensive maintenance program for your equipment inspections and testing and ensure that you have the proper documentation and certifications to meet FAA regulations.

also maintains an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory and is one of the few companies that can provide both GSE maintenance services along with accredited calibrations for other aviation maintenance support and testing equipment. Equipment such as torque wrenches, crimpers, pressure and oxygen gauges, air data test sets, calipers, multimeters and more can all be calibrated as part of your overall equipment maintenance program.

For more information on how our expertise can help support your GSE equipment needs, contact e2b calibration.

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