e2b calibration MRO Americas 2017

The e2b calibration team  headed to Florida April 25 – 27 for MRO Americas 2017. There they showcased GSE repair & maintenance, FOD prevention & asset tracking technology, and onsite aviation calibration. The team was stationed at booth #1407, near the new GSE Zone. Visitors that stopped by the booth entered into a contest to win a TV. The 2017 recipient was an aviation maintenance student.

GSE Repair & Maintenance

Ground support equipment is the backbone of aviation maintenance. GSE pieces require routine maintenance to stay in top condition. MRO’s may not have the necessary equipment to test pieces such as aircraft jacks or cabin pressure units. e2b calibration is a Tronair Authorized Service Center, we offer on-site calibration, maintenance & repair, and training for GSE. Learn More about GSE

FOD Prevention & Asset Tracking Technology

Tracking equipment can be a pain in the asset. To help MRO’s track assets anytime, anywhere – we created Anytime Assets, a comprehensive asset management system. Tools can be tracked to aircraft tail numbers or jobs on any mobile device, at any location. Anytime Assets can be customized to your needs. We can add barcodes, RFID, or visual asset verification. See How it Works

Onsite Aviation Calibration

As an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, our team has extensive knowledge of aviation equipment calibration best practices. We specialize in pitot static test set calibration, IFR calibration, and megohmmeter calibration, just to name a few. John Moss (Lab Manager) and Clay Cooper (Service Support Manager) answered questions about:

Luckily, we will be back at MRO Americas 2018 to answer any questions you have about the topics above. Find us at MRO Americas 2018 Booth #236:

mro americas 2018 e2b boothTo help you get ready for the event, we created a guide that contains all the information you need to navigate the event and have fun in Orlando. MROAM Guide