Difficulties of GSE Fleet Management

Aviation is proud of being the world’s safest means of transportation for people and goods, and a fundamental aspect that ensures this level of safety is the aircraft and aircraft component maintenance performed by aircraft operators (such as airlines and private jet charter companies) and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers.


To perform both operation and maintenance activities in aviation, these MRO providers make use of specialized facilities, trained and certified personnel, dedicated tools, and a vast source of ground support equipment (GSE) necessary to comply with aviation safety standards and technical requirements.


No matter the size of the organization, the management of the fleet of GSE can become a complex and very demanding workload. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of Ground Support Equipment that make their management so challenging and introduce a solution that will solve this for you.


Ground Service Equipment Inventory

The catalog and inventory of ground support equipment operated by any organization in the aviation world is vast and diverse: aircraft jacks, platform scales, slings, access platforms, electrical power generators, tow bars, electronic test equipment, and many other specialized equipment are part of the list of GSE used daily in aviation.


To manage this GSE abundance, it must be taken also into account that each piece of equipment has its own identity and therefore needs individual tracking planning and tasking.


The identity of a specific GSE is composed and not limited by:


By just multiplying the number of GSE units times the number of variables that compose the GSE identity, it is easy to infer that keeping the GSE fleet under control maybe not an easy walk in the park.


What GSE fleet management demands from your organization

The management of a fleet of ground support equipment demands valuable time of critical human resources from your organization, such as:


All these resources are activated each time a GSE unit needs to be tracked for maintenance, repair, and calibration purposes. So, if your GSE inventory is growing and complexity, you will be interested in finding a solution that could do this job for you


The solution you need

We, at e2b calibration, can serve your organization becoming a one stop shop solution for your GSE fleet management. In simple words, we take care of the GSE control, maintenance, and calibration, from end to end, with the expertise and experience of our human and technical resources.


Working with the support of Anytime Assets, a cloud-based platform developed by our company, e2B calibration will:


Maintenance of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is important for any aviation company.  e2b calibration is an ISO 17025: 2017 calibration and repair laboratory, specializing in MRO and FBO calibration. We perform calibration procedures on-site saving you time and money.  Please contact e2b calibration with your request, and we will be glad to design a solution to your needs.



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