Columbus Jack GSE Products

Columbus Jack, located in Columbus, Ohio is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic jacks and other ground support equipment (GSE) to the commercial aviation industry and is the largest provider of hydraulic jacks for the U.S. Military.

Columbus Jack has been producing critical GSE since the early 1940s and has used the stringent military standards they were required to comply with to create lasting and quality products that are used to service all types of commercial, business and general aviation aircraft.

Columbus Jack products can be found in many of the world’s airports, government installations and aviation maintenance facilities around the globe servicing the world’s largest airlines to small civilian aircraft.

In 2017, Columbus Jack was acquired by Tronair Inc. Tronair is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and supplier of ground support equipment and has an excellent reputation for innovation, reliability and quality within the aviation industry. This merger offers existing and potential new GSE customers a diverse and unparalleled GSE product line to fulfill their needs and to strategically serve new and expanding markets.

Columbus Jack GSE Product Line

Columbus Jack Axle Jacks can be used for normal tire/wheel and brake replacement or where multiple wheels need to be removed simultaneously and where the clearance is minimal. They can be positioned under the aircraft easily and can be moved with minimal effort.

The Axle jacks are designed to meet all commercial and/or military requirements and can be used for both main and nose landing gears for most business, commuter and wide-body aircraft. Their Hand Carry Axle Jacks provide capacities to 25 tons and are compact and lightweight for carrying to remote jacking sites while their larger jacks have capacities to 95 tons.

Columbus Jack Universal Height Tripod Jacks are used for a variety of aircraft jacking applications during normal aircraft maintenance inspections. The Tripod Jacks are easy to assemble, operate and maintain and meet or exceed all known commercial and/or military specifications.

The Tripod Jacks provide the customer with two stages of hydraulic lift for all low and high wing, and nose and tail jacking applications up to 125 tons. They feature an automatic safety by-pass valve which prevents lifting a load greater than the jack’s capacity. Coated with Skydrol resistant yellow paint, they are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and rugged use.

Columbus Jack’s Portable Floor Cranes are designed to lift from 1,000 pounds to over 8,300 pounds at any height and meet both commercial and military requirements. They require little maintenance and can be deployed by one person as they are manually erected and operated by a single winch.

Columbus Jack offers a wide variety of Tow Bar assemblies for all commuter and regional aircraft types. Each Tow Bar offers a simple jaw-type attachment mechanism that allows the aircraft to be easily attached. Handles conveniently placed at both ends of the tow bar provide secure handholds for maintenance personnel to push or pull the aircraft safely.

Columbus Jack’s Under Axle Weighing System allows users to perform aircraft weighing on nose, center and main gear jacking points simultaneously. It is designed to be used with most major electronic weigh kit manufacturers for both three and five point weighing applications. The exclusive Evac-U-TRACT system allows the maintenance technician to fully retract the jack for the easy removal of the jacks and load cells. A portable cart is provided to transport and protect the equipment in a secure storage area and provides a working area for the electronic display.

is an Authorized Tronair Service Center and we have expanded our capabilities to provide maintenance, repairs and load testing to Columbus Jack products. Our technicians have extensive training and expertise in the support of the Columbus Jack and Tronair GSE products and can help ensure that the equipment’s operational and structural integrity remains intact during use.

is available to provide extensive support or to answer any questions you may have for your Tronair & Columbus Jack equipment. For more information, contact e2b calibration.

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