When choosing a provider to repair your aircraft jack, several factors should be taken into account. A comparison between the manufacturer, a calibration lab or an on-site aviation technician should be completed to weigh out the pros and cons for each. When looking at all three options, it is essential to consider cost, shipping, downtime and the technical competence of the provider.


If you choose to go with the manufacturer of the aircraft jack, you can always guarantee technical competence of the personnel. The technicians that work for the jack’s manufacturing company will be familiar with common damages to their products and will know how to properly repair each part. Although this option will most likely ensure the accuracy of the jack once it is returned, this is also the most expensive option with the highest amount of downtime. Manufacturer costs are known to be almost 30% more than those of a third-party provider and that’s not even including shipping costs.

Depending on the distance between you and the manufacturer, shipping costs could range between $500 to $2,000. The distance could also cause a large amount of downtime leading to loss in revenue. You will also most likely have to pay to send the jack to a lab after repairs for recalibration and proof load testing, which again could cost a significant amount of money and extend the amount of downtime.


If you choose to go with an accredited calibration lab, you can get repair and recalibration of your jack completed all at one time. This is a benefit to choosing this option because extra money will not need to be spent to send a jack to multiply locations and downtime will also be decreased. A calibration lab will cost you anywhere from 20-30% less than what manufacturer would. When choosing an accredited calibration lab, you are ensuring accuracy of your jack after it has been repaired and recalibrated. This is due to accredited calibration labs having personnel who are considered technically competent to the highest degree.


This option, is more times than not, the most cost effective. By hiring an on-site technician, you could possibly save yourself $1,000 and a large sum of downtime. Another benefit of choosing this option is, most on-site technicians come from calibration labs, therefore repairs and recalibration can be completed right at the location your jack is already sitting at.

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