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How do you know if a GSE maintenance calibration lab is right for you? Well first and foremost, it is utterly important for a lab to be able to make you feel confident in the quality of your equipment. By following the guidelines we have listed below, finding the perfect GSE maintenance calibration lab should be easy.


Before seeking out a GSE maintenance calibration lab, it is important to first put together a checklist of your wants and needs. One way to easily see what qualifications need to be met by a lab is checking your quality manual. After review, you should be able to ask the questions below to determine if the GSE maintenance calibration lab could be a potential candidate.

If the answers align well with the qualifications you are looking for in a GSE maintenance calibration lab, then the lab is a good potential candidate.


The biggest mistake you can make when choosing a GSE maintenance calibration lab is making a choice based off of the price of calibration services. Cheap calibration services can often lead to serious consequences, including loss of money and safety hazards. For this reason, it is important to keep a “buyer-beware” mentality. It is always better to spend more on calibration because chances are it will leave you with quality equipment.

You should always ask if the calibration services will include the following:


It is common for many individuals to struggle with choosing between an accredited and non-accredited calibration lab. When choosing a GSE maintenance calibration lab, it’s important to keep in mind exactly what an accredited calibration lab is and why it is has been deemed accredited.

Long story short, an accredited calibration lab can only be deemed accredited after it has “passed” an assessment by an accrediting body. The accrediting body will only declare a lab accredited after it has thoroughly assessed the lab. When a GSE maintenance calibration lab is accredited, personnel with the highest level of technical competence, a monitored lab environment and precise equipment traceability can be guaranteed.

Unlike non-accredited calibration labs, accredited GSE maintenance calibration labs live, breathe and eat their work. It is this reason, choosing an accredited GSE maintenance calibration lab, over a non-accredited calibration lab is highly recommended. Notably, not all unaccredited calibration labs are equal, therefore not all calibrations are equal. By choosing an accredited GSE maintenance calibration lab, you are guaranteeing accuracy of your calibration services.