When choosing a company to repair and maintenance your aircraft jack, it is essential to look somewhere that can meet your needs and also give you accurate results. Although we have weighed out the pros and cons of all three options when it comes to repairs, calibration labs are still the most efficient and reasonable choice. Calibration labs can repair, recalibrate and proof load all at one time and one location. Another plus to choosing this option – calibration labs will often times have on-site aviation technicians. When all of these factors are added together, downtime is minimal and cost doesn’t necessarily break the bank. Determination of whether a jack can be repaired in a lab or on-site is based on the degree of damage. If the jack is severely damaged, chances are it will need to be shipped to a calibration lab to be properly repaired. If damage is minimal then on-site technicians can be used.

If you choose to go with an on-site you should note that not all on-site technicians are all the same, just like all calibration labs are not the same. When deciding which on-site lab will best suit you’re needs you should always choose whichever will make you feel confident and comfortable with the repairs and the technician. If you feel more comfortable being able to view what work is being done, then you should focus on transparency and steer clear of any on-site technicians that use a mobile laboratory. Mobile laboratories should also be avoided if communication is a key factor in feeling confident in the services you are receiving. However, if having a controlled external environment is essential in repair, then a mobile laboratory would be the safest way to go.

e2b calibration is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. We offer on-site calibration maintenance and repair services, while other services can be provided in our off-site laboratory. We specialize in GSE maintenance and repair and in 2016, became a Tronair Authorized Service Center. Our company can offer maintenance and repair services to a wide array of ground support equipment, including hydraulic power units, cabin pressure units, aircraft jacks, engine slings and more.

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