• Multimeters


    Multimeters are valuable measuring instruments that are capable of measuring several different types of electrical parameters within one device. Multimeters are one of the most popular tools used by technicians, electricians and hobbyists for measuring and troubleshooting electronic circuits and other electrical systems across nearly every industry where critical measurements need to be made. Multimeters

  • PRO 360 Digital Protractor Calibration

    PRO 360 Digital Protractor Calibration

    The PRO 360 Digital Protractor is an innovative angle measurement device that provides a digital reading of all angles in a full 360° range. The protractor contains an advanced liquid-filled angle sensor that changes its electrical properties as the angle of the protractor is changed. The variations to the electrical signal are measured by a

  • Benefits of On-Site Calibration of Aircraft Jacks

    Benefits of On-Site Calibration of Aircraft Jacks

    Hydraulic Aircraft Jacks are critical types of ground service equipment that are used by most aviation maintenance facilities when performing maintenance on aircraft. Aircraft jacks require regular maintenance and calibration to verify that both the exterior and interior components meet the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer and that the jacks can hold and maintain

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