Calibration Expedited Service Packages

In a rush to get equipment calibrated? Calibration due dates can sneak up quickly. Many MRO’s often have little time to send equipment out for service. Large scale or specialty equipment is especially difficult to part with if it’s required for any scheduled work.

Expediting calibration can be a great option, but many MRO’s don’t know what the difference is between calibration expedited service packages and expedited shipping. Both options are associated with higher fees, but they may be worthwhile if you absolutely need to get equipment or tooling back as soon as possible. Each package is explained below.

Calibration Expedited Service Packages

This type of package normally requires signing a contract. Expedited service contracts generally require a 3 – 5 year agreement. When choosing an expedited service package, the agreement often includes all items that are sent for calibrations. Items ranging from jacks to torque wrenches must fall under the expedited plan – enabling premium pricing for all calibrations. Many labs will offer a discount on the actual calibrations performed when a customer chooses this option. This can be a great option for operations that aren’t able to endure longer turn-around times or only require calibrations on specialty equipment.

One-time Expedited Shipping

In contrast to an Expedited Service Package, most calibration labs have the ability to offer expedited shipping. This is the time to comparison shop. Prices vary by lab, equipment to be calibrated, and distance from the lab. Common pricing is an additional $75 – $150 fee for each piece that needs to be expedited. Expedited shipping normally has a high premium, but can be cheaper than a service if there are only a handful of items that the company can’t function without.

If you’re not 100% sure that you will need to utilize expedited service the majority of the time, opt for the one-time expedited shipping. You can always upgrade to calibration expedited service packages later if necessary. Another option is on-site services if you need equipment calibrated that you can’t spare. Contact e2b calibration for on-site calibration or one-time expedited shipping for calibrated items.Not sure if onsite aviation calibration is a good fit or your organization? Find out HERE