The Boeing Company recently spoke out about its future predictions for pilots and technicians over the next 20 years. With a manpower deficit staring the aviation industry straight in the face, Boeing believes the key to solving these problems is to expand the pool of people companies within the aviation industry are picking from.


Boeing has predicted the marketplace will need approximately 635,000 pilots for fix-wing aircrafts by 2037. This means the current workforce would need to double within the next two decades. The projection requires can be broken down as follows:

Boeing also predicts that there will be a high demand for pilots in business aviation as well. The exact number estimated is 96,000 during the 20-year period.


In regard to the future of technicians, Boeing has predicted that in 20 years 635,000 technicians will be needed for commercial aviation, 89,000 will be needed in business aviation and 43,000 for the helicopter industry.


The need for personnel in the aviation industry has continued to grow due to record airline profits. These profits translate into the need for new airlines – 14,000 to be exact. According to Boeing, out of the new aircrafts, 56 percent of this number will be dedicated to route expansion, while the remainder will go towards replacing older aircrafts.

Boeing is also looking into the cost for preparing millennials for the future of aviation. So far they have discovered that training costs, for many positions within the industry, have been absorbed by the airlines.

Although there is much growth that will need to happen within the next 20 years, Boeing believes that most of the industry problems have translated into good news for, especially for new hires in regard to salary and benefits. Both are predicted to rise due to the demand for personnel.