• Women and the Aviation Industry
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    Women and the Aviation Industry

    Women have made significant contributions and played important roles in the development of the aviation industry from the very beginning of aviation’s history. Amelia Earhart is the first name that comes to mind when asked to name a prominent woman in aviation, but unfortunately, most people have trouble naming any other woman and their accomplishments

  • Safety in Using Aircraft Jacks
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    Safety in Using Aircraft Jacks

    Aircraft jacks are important tools in the performance of inspections and routine maintenance on all types of aircraft. Aircraft jacks are required whenever the aircraft needs to be fully or partially lifted off of the ground, such as performing maintenance on the tires or wheel housings, landing gear tests and when weighing an aircraft. It

  • Aircraft and Artificial Intelligence
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    Aircraft and Artificial Intelligence

    The development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the aviation industry have brought some significant changes in the ways aircraft are being operated and maintained. Although still in its early stages, AI has been able to increase safety and efficiency at airport terminals with vision systems for facial recognition and passenger identification, computer

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