• Aircraft Icing and De-icing Procedure
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    Aircraft Icing and De-icing Procedure

    Icing on an aircraft is one of the most hazardous types of weather-related conditions encountered in the aviation industry. Icing can affect some regions of the country for over 6 months out of the year. Certain critical areas on an aircraft are especially vulnerable to icing such as the wing flaps and ailerons, and horizontal

  • Risk Management in the Aviation Industry
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    Risk Management in the Aviation Industry

    Every day as we go about our daily activities we encounter, process and make decisions based on the risks associated with those activities. From driving a car to work, riding a bike down the street, or deciding the type of foods we will eat, every activity or decision will carry some amount of risk. It

  • Aircraft Towing Procedures
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    Aircraft Towing Procedures

    Aircraft towing is a frequent and vital operation around any airport. Towing may be needed for the movement of active or disabled aircraft on airport ramps or in moving aircraft in and out of hangers for maintenance procedures or for storage. Towing aircraft can be dangerous and damage to the aircraft, other objects, or injuries

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