Benefits of On-Site Calibration of Aircraft Jacks

Hydraulic Aircraft Jacks are critical types of ground service equipment that are used by most aviation maintenance facilities when performing maintenance on aircraft.

Aircraft jacks require regular maintenance and calibration to verify that both the exterior and interior components meet the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer and that the jacks can hold and maintain the amount of weight that they are rated for. Aircraft Jacks also need to meet other specific regulatory and airline quality and safety requirements to be used in commercial operations.

Traditional Calibration Process

In the past, aircraft maintenance facilities would need to ship their aircraft jacks back to the manufacturer or other competent service provider for the required load testing, maintenance, and repairs. Due to the logistics involved because of their size, this was always an extremely expensive and time-consuming process for the maintenance organizations and these critical items were unavailable to be used by the maintenance facility for an extended period of time.

On-Site Calibration Solution

is capable of performing the load testing, required maintenance and most repairs on aircraft jacks on-site at the customer’s location. has knowledgeable technicians that have been trained by many of the major aircraft jack manufacturers and can perform the on-site maintenance and load testing with minimal disruptions to the facility’s schedules. The documentation that is required can be produced on-site after the technicians are completed with the services.

has developed a proprietary mobile proof load testing fixture and has the capability to perform aircraft jack load testing to various manufacturer’s specifications on many types of aircraft tripod jacks or axle jacks on-site. Some of the major manufacturers of aircraft jacks that can service include Tronair, Columbus Jack, Malabar, and Solair Group.

On-Site Maintenance Capabilities

Industry standards require aircraft jacks to be load tested every 12-months and after any major repairs have been made. can provide load testing for tripod and axle aircraft jacks on-site utilizing both full structural and static load testing methods. Our testing fixture provides the capability to test jacks designed for smaller aircraft to larger jacks required for commercial aircraft.

Aircraft jack manufacturers typically recommend a 90-day and a 12-month maintenance and inspection schedule. Some of the items checked during the maintenance inspections are the hydraulic system for leaks, fluid level and fluid contamination and to check the jack’s physical condition for signs of cracks, corrosion, rust or wear on the jack components. can perform all aspects of the periodic maintenance on-site.

If any significant issues are found during the maintenance inspections or load tests, can perform the repairs or full external and internal reconditioning of the aircraft jacks on-site.

Benefits of On-Site Calibration

There are a number of key benefits to having the aircraft jacks maintained on-site.

When the aircraft jack is shipped out for its maintenance services, the equipment is not available to be used by the maintenance facilities. Typical shipping and turnaround times, depending on location, could involve downtimes that exceed more than a month.
By having the maintenance and load testing performed on-site, all of the requirements can usually be accomplished in a day, keeping the downtime to a minimum.

The shipping of aircraft jacks by freight can be very expensive. Due to their size, especially with tripod jacks, costs can run from several hundred dollars into the thousands. Significant man-hours and materials are also required to properly prepare the aircraft jack for the shipment to prevent shipping damage.

Performing the calibration and maintenance on-site eliminates the need for shipping and the associated risks of damage involved with the shipment.

The above benefits are even more pronounced for larger facilities with multiple aircraft jacks. on-site services can significantly save weeks of downtime and thousands of dollars for those facilities every year.

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