Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass calibration

Aircraft navigation is an absolute discipline. Pilots need to be sure that their aircraft compass provides an accurate reading. To check the validity of aircraft compass readings, many aviation maintenance professionals use the Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass. The Barfield 101-01200 is a portable, self-contained device that is used to check the accuracy of mounted aircraft compasses. Keep reading to learn about Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass calibration and maintenance.

Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass Maintenance

The Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass does not require any field maintenance. The instrument was specifically designed to be low maintenance. Special care should be taken when handling the Barfield 101-01200. The Barfield 101-01200 lenses should be cleaned, as needed, with a mild cleanser. The manufacturer strongly cautions against using a chemical solvent, such as acetone, to clean the sight compass. Chemical solvents break down the plastic pieces of the sight compass. The instrument should be rinsed with cold water. A soft, non-abrasive cloth can be used for drying.

Technicians should be aware that the sight compass is a sensitive instrument. Care should be taken to make sure that the instrument isn’t dropped. If the instrument is dropped, the validity of the readings may be affected. If the instrument is dropped, it should be tested for accuracy before it is put back into service.

Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass Bubble

A bubble may develop in the fluid of the Barfield 101-01200 Sight compass over time. A small bubble will not cause any issues. Monitor the bubble, and note if it gets larger. If the bubble exceeds 1.27 cm. or 0.5 in., it may affect the accuracy of the readings.

Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass Calibration

To ensure that the Barfield 101-01200 is giving accurate readings, it must be checked once annually. The processes used in Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass calibration ensure that readings are within accuracy tolerance. The sight compass tolerance is ± 1%. All twelve readings are taken of the sight compass.

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