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The National Business Aviation Association is an organization that tackles aviation safety, air space access, and aviation operations issues. The NBAA is very active in the aviation industry. Events are hosted, on average, twice per month. The association offers professional advancement and up-to-date industry employment statistics and information to help those looking for a career ion aviation. They also offer Business Aviation Insider magazine and podcasts.

“To foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world.” – NBAA Mission Statement

NBAA Facts

Brief History of the National Business Aviation Association

The association was originally formed from a meeting at the Wings Club (global society of aviation professionals) in 1946. A few of the people in attendance realized that there weren’t any organizations dedicated to business flying. Seeking to fulfill that need, a group was formed in New York that was known as the Corporation Aircraft Owners Association. The original group was formed of representatives from sixteen companies.

The organization moved to Washington D.C. in February 1951 to enable closer proximity to the Civil Aeronautics Administration during the Korean War. The name was changed to National Business Aircraft Association in 1953, then to National Business Aviation Association in 1997.

Organization Programs & Events

The organization has been able to make progress initial goals of aircraft safety adherence, air traffic improvement, and overseeing innovations in flight. The NBAA offers two programs and scholarships for aviation. NBAA also participates in global aviation events in Europe, Asia, and South America. Event topics range from maintenance and security to finance and taxes. The NBAA also supports aviation charities that offer free air transportation to those in need.

NBAA Charities:

For more information about the National Business Aviation Association, visit: nbaa.orgIt can be hard to find the right organization to join. Learn more by browsing our featured organizations