• Aircraft Dolly Calibration Check List

    Aircraft Dolly Calibration Check List

    Aircraft dollies are required to aid the moving of aircraft in and out of hangers to prepare the aircraft for flight. The dolly moves the aircraft by either attaching to the wheel frame or lifting the single tire in the air and moving.   Aircraft Dolly Design Three different designs for aircraft dollies can be

  • Aircraft Towbar Use & Maintenance

    Aircraft Towbar Use & Maintenance

    May it be Rotary Wing (Helicopter) or Fixed-Wing (Airplane), a key weakness that has been present for any aircraft is its very limited ability to perform ground maneuvering independently. That is why to aid aircraft maneuvering on the ground, equipment such as Towbar and Tow Tug are used to maneuver the aircraft. Aircraft ground maneuvering

  • Tailstand Calibration & Maintenance

    Tailstand Calibration & Maintenance

    Tailstands or tripods stabilize the aircraft when it is elevated on jacks for maintenance activity, when one or multiple engines are missing or if regulatory body or maintenance engineer finds it necessary. Tailstands fit under the empennage of the aircraft at a designated spot, usually a metallic knob affixed to structure or an external fixture.

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