• Aircraft Platform Scales

    Aircraft Platform Scales

    Weighing an aircraft is an important task that is performed regularly throughout aviation maintenance organizations worldwide. The weight and center of gravity of an aircraft have a significant impact on the stability and performance during the operation of an aircraft. If the aircraft is too heavy, it may have trouble getting off the ground. If

  • Turbine Temperature Test Sets

    Turbine Temperature Test Sets

    Temperature is one of the most important factors that affects the performance and life of turbine engines. For the engine to be most efficient, the exhaust temperatures need to be as high as possible, while maintaining an operating temperature that does not exceed the engine’s material limits and cause damage to the engine. Too low

  • Fuel Quantity Test Sets

    Fuel Quantity Test Sets

    Fuel Quantity Test Sets are self-contained, universal test sets for testing aircraft fuel quantity systems and components. They are designed to calibrate and troubleshoot both AC and DC capacitive fuel systems and help to isolate problems with fuel system wiring, circuits or components. Some models can also test capacitive components on oil, water, or LOX

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