An IFR 4000 is a flight line or ramp test set used for testing ILS, VOR, Marker Beacon, HF/VHF/UHF communication and navigation systems. It is reputable for accurate measurements of transmitter frequency, output power, modulation and receiver sensitivity.

Similar to other measuring devices, an IFR 4000 can drift out of calibration. For this reason, it is important to ensure an IFR 4000 is calibrated on a regular basis. This will not only aid in keeping the equipment’s positive reputation, but will also ensure it is operating reliably. Without frequent calibration of an IFR 4000, chances of risk are extremely high.


Without calibration, an IFR 4000 can pose many risks. Below we have listed three common risks associated with not calibrating an IFR 4000.


If an IFR 4000 is not calibrated or is not calibrated properly, chances of inaccurate results are likely. Accurate results are needed to ensure reliability of the measurement and to eliminate safety risks.


When an IFR 4000 is calibrated, there is proof that the equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced, thus meaning it is reliable. However, when an IFR 4000 is not calibrated, the reliability of the equipment and its measurements minimizes. To ensure high reliability of an IFR 4000, calibration of the equipment should be performed regularly. This will confirm that an IFR 4000 is performing within required standards.


An uncalibrated IFR 4000 can pose a number of safety risks; including electrical shock. Electrical shock can be life threatening, therefore, all precautions should be taken to avoid it – including frequent calibration of electrical equipment. An IFR 4000 is also used to measure crucial navigation and communication components needed when an aircraft is in flight; therefore, if the equipment does not properly measure these components, pilots and others associated with the aircraft could be at risk of danger.


When calibrating an IFR 4000, it is also important to choose a qualified calibration provider. It is essential to look for a provider that can meet all needs and also give accurate results. Accredited calibration labs are guaranteed to have personnel with the highest level of technical competence, a monitored laboratory environment and precise equipment traceability. E2b calibration is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration that specialized in IFR 4000 calibration. For more information on IFR 4000 calibration, please contact us.

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