aircraft tripod jack maintenance

An aircraft tripod jack may be one of the more expensive and important pieces of GSE maintenance equipment used at a hangar. As with any piece of equipment, an aircraft tripod jack sustains damage over time. While some wear and tear is normal, there are certain key pieces that need extra care to ensure the useful life of the tripod jack. The locking pin is one of the most important parts of the aircraft jack. The locking pin keeps the jack at the specified alignment. Making sure that the locking pin is used correctly each time will prevent damage to the ram. The ram is expensive and time-consuming to replace. Follow the aircraft tripod jack maintenance tips below:

Inspect Locking Pin
aircraft tripod jack maintenance e2b calibration

The locking pin has two key features that indicate proper locking pin placement. The ball lock must clear the end of the ram protection ring. If the ball lock stays recessed for a long interval, it may not return to normal position. If the ball lock stops functioning correctly, the locking pin should be replaced. The pin should also retain shape, if you note any bending or damage to the pin it will need immediate replacement. Bent pins can’t bear the weight, making operation unsafe.

Locking Pin with Washer

Some aircraft tripod jack models include a locking pin that has a washer groove. The washer prevents the locking pin from resting too far inside the ram protection ring. Don’t try to force the locking pin in too far, this can damage the locking pin, washer, and ram protection ring. If the washer is missing or damaged, replace it immediately.aircraft tripod jack maintenance e2b calibration

Ram Protection Ring

Ensure that the ram protection ring that the pin rests on is the correct size for the tripod jack. Ram protection rings are not one size fits all, each ring is customized for a specific tripod jack model. If the ram protection ring is damaged or missing, do not use the jack until the correct replacement ring is available. Authorized service centers can typically ship the part within 1 – 2 weeks.

Even if the aircraft maintenance technicians take all necessary precautions, tripod jacks will have some wear and tear after hundreds of hours of use. You may need to get replacements for the locking pin or ram protective cover. These parts are generally available from the manufacturer or an authorized service center. Make sure that you know the model number of your aircraft tripod jack when searching, many of these pieces only fit specific models. The manufacturer or authorized service center may also suggest replacing parts at specific intervals for aircraft tripod jack maintenance.

If you need assistance with aircraft tripod jack maintenance or repair, contact e2b calibration a Tronair Authorized Service Center.