Aircraft tire pressure gauge calibration

How important is correct aircraft tire inflation to a preventative maintenance program? Tire manufacturers cite that keeping tires at the right inflation is the most important factor. Multiple issues can arise from over or under inflation. Issue severity can range from unnecessary replacement of good parts to potential aircraft damage and safety concerns. Making sure that tire pressure is correct is key. Aircraft tire pressure gauge calibration is a large part of this process.

Effects of Incorrect Inflation

Aircraft tires should have ± 5% of the manufacturer specified pressure. Over inflation refers to any time the recommended pressure is exceeded by more than 5%. When a tire is over inflated the tread experiences a higher rate of wear, leading to increased probability of tire ripping or cutting. Tire traction also suffers when tires are over inflated.

Under inflation of aircraft tires can have more hazardous results. An under inflated tire will wear unevenly, requiring early replacement. Tires that are under inflated will generate more heat, which can compromise tire integrity.

Pressure Determination Factors

Aircraft tire pressure can vary depending on temperature and application. Daily (or preflight) pressure checks should occur when the tire is at ambient temperature. Tires may take three hours or more to return to ambient temperature after landing and taxiing. When a tire is mounted to an aircraft wheel, pressure can change. A 12 to 24 hour waiting period may be required before checking tires for pressure loss.

Pressure Gauge Calibration

Many manufacturer manuals include instructions that an accurate, calibrated gauge be used to check pressure. Aircraft tire pressure gauge calibration should be performed at regular intervals. Unplanned pressure gauge calibration may also be necessary if the equipment sustains damage.

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