Aircraft Dolly Calibration Check List

Aircraft dollies are required to aid the moving of aircraft in and out of hangers to prepare the aircraft for flight. The dolly moves the aircraft by either attaching to the wheel frame or lifting the single tire in the air and moving.


Aircraft Dolly Design

Three different designs for aircraft dollies can be found below:

Power method:

Lifting Moving Method:

Steering Method:


Aircraft Dolly calibration / maintenance

To ensure your aircraft dolly is functioning to the best of its capability, certain maintenance procedures must be followed.
e2b calibration has compiled a checklist to ensure your aircraft dolly is properly maintained and repaired:

To avoid all the problems of record-keeping and record retrieval related to your aircraft maintenance. e2b calibration provides the option to use Anytime Assets, its cloud-based asset management system where you can find all required information related to your calibrations, certificates, records as well as get notifications on the maintenance / calibration due dates.  For more information about our services contact e2b calibration.

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