air data test set calibration

e2b calibration specializes in aviation calibration services. We provide air data test set calibration for MROs and FBOs. Air data test sets are complex pieces of equipment. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab provides continual training to our technicians and proactively communicates if any adjustments need to be made to your equipment.

Why Calibrate an ADTS?

Air data test sets are used to measure pitot and static air flow. The air flow measurements are calculated to determine the aircraft airspeed and altitude. During calibration, a technician tests the accuracy of readings. A technician will also check uncertainty at specific altitude levels, the uncertainty range increases as aircraft reaches a higher altitude. A certificate of calibration is created for each air data test set that passes inspection. The certificate communicates that the equipment readings are within tolerance.

Air Data Test Set Calibration Intervals

Most air data test sets have a manufacturer recommended annual calibration interval. Aircraft maintenance technicians will typically keep the annual interval unless equipment is damaged or has undergone substantial repair. Newer air data test sets, such as the Barfield DPS1000, are made to require an 18 month calibration interval. Check the manufacturer manual for the calibration interval to verify. New equipment should come with a certificate of calibration from the manufacturer.

Air Data Test Set Brands

We specialize in Barfield, ATEQ Omicron, DMA, and Druck (GE) models. Our highly skilled technicians can also provide calibration and repair for:

If your piece of equipment isn’t listed, call to ask about our air data test set calibration and repair capabilities. If you have any questions about air data test set calibration, or would like a quote, contact e2b calibration.