Achieve Lean Manufacturing with Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards are visual methods of storing and organizing tools, parts and other items so that they are easy to identify and readily available at specific workplaces. Each shadow board consists of outlines or “shadows” in the shape of individual items to make it obvious where each item should be stored. Shadow Boards are always placed where the work is being performed. This ensures that the tools and equipment are close at hand which reduces wasted motion and saves time from having to track down needed tools.

In many industries, it is important that all tools are accounted for before leaving the work environment. FOD (Foreign Object Debris) control is a high priority for all aerospace and aviation industries. Foreign objects such as tools, hardware, and other maintenance items can cause significant damage to aircraft if the items become tangled in control cables, short out electrical connections or impede the motion of moving parts.

Shadow Boards come in many types. A common example of a shadow board is a large pegboard hung on a wall with the outline of the shapes of each tool that is stored on the board. Foam inserts in tool drawers where the tool shapes are cut into the foam are also a popular use for Shadow Boards.

Benefits of Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards create many benefits for an organization such as:

5S and Lean Manufacturing

Shadow Boards are useful tools to conform with 5S and Lean manufacturing methods.

5S is a methodology to organize an individual workplace or workstation to optimize productivity by keeping the workplace clean, uncluttered and organized. Lean manufacturing focuses on the elimination of all non-value-added activities and removing wasteful items or operations from the workplace or within a specific process.

The reliance on 5S and Lean manufacturing is expanding rapidly to streamline processes, reduce waste, and create competitive advantages for many diverse manufacturing and service businesses
across the world.

Shadow Boards help a workplace fulfill the 5S methodology by:

OSAAP Shadow Boards

OSAAP is one of the largest companies in the world that manufactures foam Shadow Boards. They can make custom Shadow Boards by the dozens or special one of a kind Shadow Boards for unique workplace situations, such as those required in the aviation industry.

OSAAP Shadow Boards are offered in various high-quality foam materials, including ESD safe foam for sensitive electronic tools. The foam materials do not absorb moisture and can be cleaned with water or standard solvents.

Shadow Boards from OSAAP can be created in a variety of colors, and text and logos can be added for tool identification or personalization.

Creating Shadow Boards is a simple process. An image is taken of the tool layout you want to create and that is loaded into OSAAP’s free Shadow Board design software (CAD). From there, any additional design, sizing, or customization can easily be completed in the software using OSAAP’s in-depth training on their website. Send the completed layout to OSAAP and your custom Shadow Board will be created.

If you are interested in learning how OSAAP Shadow Boards can benefit your workplace, contact e2b calibration for more information.