A Guide to Barfield Calibration

Barfield is a leading manufacturer of Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance and Test equipment. Barfield’s extensive network of support services range from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul and repair and supply of components. Barfield is also an authorized repair facility for many major European and U.S. Aviation Equipment Manufacturers and is an FAA and EASA Certified Repair Station to provide maintenance services to major passenger, cargo and regional airlines.

Barfield has been dedicated to providing support to the aviation industry for more than 70 years, and their vast knowledge of aviation technology, regulations, and challenges allows them to satisfy the various needs of customers operating commercial, business, or general aviation aircraft in North, Central and South America.

Barfield Products

Barfield manufactures state of the art products in a wide range of critical aircraft maintenance functions. Barfield’s major product lines include:

These precision analog or digital Air Data testers simulate the pressure and vacuum conditions required to calibrate the various altitude, airspeed, and pressure indicators on an aircraft to meet the industry and RVSM accuracy requirements for static system tests and inspections. They can also perform leak tests on an aircraft’s Pitot-Static system ensuring the security and safety of the aircraft.

Fuel Quantity Test Sets are versatile and portable pieces of equipment used to test an aircraft’s Fuel Tank capacitance systems. They provide a capacitance measurement system for measuring the fuel tank and individual probes, and also a capacitance simulation system for bench testing indicators and amplifiers. They manufacture different models of Test Sets that can simulate testing in either AC or DC capacitance, depending on the type of signal processed by the fuel system amplifier.

These handheld devices are used to provide accurate and precise readings during cable rigging and in making routine tension measurements for all aircraft types over a wide range of cable sizes.

These Test Sets measure the precise voltage variations of the Type-K thermocouples in the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) system. The Test Sets can also accurately measure the System and Insulation Resistances and output thermocouple voltages for simulation of a wide range of thermocouple temperature indicators.

The bright orange Barfield SC063 Sight Compass is one of the most recognized compasses in aviation. These portable devices contain a modified aircraft compass which has been adapted to indicate 180 degrees from normal to allow the operator to face the aircraft, making it considerably easier when checking the aircraft compass. Due to the 180 degree offset, each unit is painted orange for clear identification to prevent inadvertent installation into an aircraft.

Barfield Calibration Requirements

The aviation industry has unique and strict regulations, guidelines and standards that are overseen by the FAA and other regulatory and commercial organizations to ensure the quality and safety of the aircraft, equipment and personnel. The testing of the equipment must be maintained at regular intervals to meet the specifications established by the manufacturer.

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