Preventative maintenance is important for all pieces of aviation equipment, especially aircraft jacks. A mechanical maintenance program is a necessity to ensure technician safety and prevent aircraft damage. Aircraft jack manufacturers have recommended maintenance at specific intervals, usually on a 90 day and annual basis. The following tips are for 90 day maintenance for Tronair axle jacks.

Hydraulic System

Check for any leakage. Inspect the hand pump, fittings, and seals. Be especially thorough with the fittings and seals as they tend to wear out after a lot of use. Inspect the fittings on the reservoir.

Jack Structure

The foundation of the jack is integral to safety. Check the jack for any bending, note if there is even slight bowing. Check for cracking or corrosion. Note any signs of excessive wear. Start the visual inspection at the base plate, then move to the retaining ring, mechanical extension, spacer blocks, and jack pads. Pay special attention to the weldment legs, look for dents or damage. Dents in the legs may cause the jack to fail under load.


Make sure fluid is checked when rams are retracted. After checking fluid, extend the rams. Verify that full extension is achieved. Check for wear and leaks around seals. Remove any debris or foreign matter.


Check for the following:


Do not pressurize the hydraulic system when the rams are at full extension. Don’t let the jack miss-stage during extension.

The tips above only address preventative maintenance at the 90 day interval. If you detect any issues while performing 90 day maintenance for Tronair axle jacks, contact a GSE repair lab for assistance. If you have any questions about taking care of a Tronair axle jack or need to schedule repair, contact e2b calibration.

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